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Meet Amy.

Goal: Sell out of her themed photoshoots

Results: Fully booked with a waitlist for every offer

Completely booked in days!

Amy is a real firecracker! When we met, she was a little jaded from dropping $5,000 on a coaching package that did nothing for her business. She was struggling with burnout and a lack of desire to move forward. She even took a full time job to pay her bills, and it was sucking all of her energy.

Something I instantly noticed was Amy’s passion for unique photoshoots. She had this experiential approach to photography that I’d never seen before, making each shoot feel like a special event with images to remember it at the end—so unique!


She simply needed a way to get these in front of more people and find ways to share them that created a real buzz. She also needed help getting referrals and repeat customers, since her business only serves those within a 25-mile radius of her home.

Differentiating herself in the best ways.

Amy was feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. She was so used to selling traditional branding and family photoshoots that she feared switching fully into themed photoshoot experiences. She also didn’t have a plug-and-play way of selling her themed shoots, so the outcome felt very uncertain.

She needed to find her unique sales process, from what images she would use to promote her offers to the messaging that reinforced the value, a follow-up process to convert more buyers with ease, and the confidence to go all-in on herself.


So, we role played some sales conversations for those who had already inquired about her latest offer. Then, we worked on what her ideal funnel looked like, what kinds of images and how many were ideal for promoting her offers, messaging that worked repeatedly and boosted her sales confidence, and her best processes for capturing feedback and referrals from her customers.


Our goals:


Sell out of her themed photoshoots


Write messaging that worked on repeat


Get customers to refer and buy again

The results.

After just one call, Amy booked two new sessions! She started leaning into her uniqueness so much more, pre-selling experiential photoshoots and having a blast shopping for all the fun props and outfits for her clients.


Within a few months, she shared upcoming session details and got dozens of replies within a few hours of posting!  She also had a referral program set-up and was getting clients to come back for multiple sessions.


Within six months, she was booking all of her sessions within days of rolling them out, with a waitlist. She was also getting glowing reviews and huge tips from her clients with personalized notes that reinforced how much she was aligned with her work.


Did I mention she was able to do all of this through the early stages of the pandemic?

About Amsey Studios.

Amsey Studios was born out of Amy’s own struggles to see her beauty and recognize her own self-worth. As a mom with a chronic illness and a passion for capturing precious family memories, Amy wanted to give others creative images that reflect their most beautiful, authentic selves.


She has dedicated her life and career to exceptional service and truly immersive photography experiences that are cherished as much as the photos she captures and gives you to keep for decades to follow. Amy is known for being kind, accommodating, energetic, and patient with her clients. You will always be happy with the photos you get after a session with her—she makes sure of it!

Want stunning photos that stand apart and come with a fun, immersive experience? Visit today to learn more and book your session with Amy!


Want results like this?

Let’s talk through where you're at now, what you want, and decide on your best next steps together!

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