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Meet Blythe.

Goal: Make $35,000 per year in her business

Results: 2,100% growth and a $12,000 month

Over 2,100% growth in 3 years!

Blythe is one of the most caring, skilled people I’ve ever met. A credentialed dog trainer who leans on her service animals for gluten detection and support, she’s committed to helping her clients modify their dogs’ behavior, train them at home, and form stronger bonds than ever.

When we met, Blythe had 515 Instagram followers, was selling a subscription box that was losing money every month, and hustling to fill $5 virtual trick classes for dogs. She was worried about money and felt deflated every time she tried to sell something.


She dreamt of the day she could make a few thousand dollars a month working with people and their dogs.

Starting over (but not really).

Blythe had everything she needed to create her dream business, she just needed to make some strategic changes.


The first thing we did was make an exit strategy for the subscription box business that was losing her money each month. Then, we launched higher ticket offers alongside the launch of her academy to bring in more income, quicker.


We mapped out a plan to onboard new members, calculate the ROI on hiring people to help with the customer experience and training. We also worked on her messaging and marketing strategies to bring in new customers and convert them at a higher rate.


Our goals:


Make at least $3,000 per month


Increase Instagram following to 10K


Decrease customer churn by up to 50%

The results.

Within three weeks, Blythe launched her academy and surpassed her total subscriber base with the boxes she was selling and shipping. Within the first few months, she was able to shut down her subscription box business and repurpose the inventory as incentives to grow her virtual dog training academy.


In a year, Blythe went from selling $5 classes to selling out $300 challenges and workshops. She also surpassed her income goals, making up to $6,000 per month with far less effort—and much higher profits!


After two years, Blythe saw 40% growth month-to-month and had her first $12,000 month! We also revamped her marketing process, which led to a 260% increase in opt-ins and 55% higher conversions. In year three, her retention was sky high, with a 96% reduction in customer churn and better processes throughout her business.


She even had her first viral video with 187,000 views and hit 10,500 followers on Instagram!

About Delta Tails.

Delta Tails is committed to standardizing dog training methods across the globe that prioritizes science, kindness, and inclusivity. They specialize in behavioral training, from reactivity to aggression, separation anxiety, scent detection, and more. Their programs are custom-made for you and your dog and come with hands-on, expert support.


Blythe has trained dogs professionally since 2019 and helped over 200 dog and handler teams reach their goals. Her passion in life is dog training, and she has multiple credentials that reinforce her love of the work and commitment to her craft.


Want to experience life with your dog and get easy access to training on the go? Visit today to learn more about Blythe and her programs!


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