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Meet Olivia.

Goal: Reach $12K in monthly revenue by summer


Results: Reached $25,000/month in 90 days

400% more income in under 90 days!

I was in awe from the moment I met Olivia. This is a woman who crafts compelling visual stories for nonprofits that shine a light on their mission and resonate deeply with their supporters.

One thing that immediately stood out to me about her was her unique offer—a $4,500 monthly subscription for full service graphic design. It’s like having an in-house design team at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time resource!


The problem was, she wasn’t selling it as much as ad-hoc projects that were less profitable and creating a fraction of the brand loyalty we both knew was awaiting her.

Scaling without the stress.

Part of Olivia’s reason for focusing on ad hoc projects was the ease of them. She didn’t need to project workloads, build her own team of designers, create SOP’s, or fix her processes for onboarding and retaining clients that weren’t working as well as she’d hoped.


She also didn’t love selling people on her higher ticket offers, compared to the $100 projects she could “easily” take on here and there.


So, we got to work on defining and documenting her best processes, mapping out her ideal customer journey, including each touchpoint, client filters, and the details of the process and, most importantly, their experience throughout her sales cycle.


Our goals:


Double her revenue in 3 months


Begin selling more high ticket offers


Increase her customer retention to 40%

The results.

Within two weeks, Olivia had lots of new leads coming in, a set of SOP’s and an automated onboarding process, and hired a project manager to help.

Within a month, she hired 2 higher-level designers to help with project fulfillment, nearly tripled her revenue from $6,000 to $15,000 in a month, and began selling her highest ticket offer with far more success and less effort.


Within three months, she had her first $25,000 month, automated and optimized all of her most important business processes, sold multi-month subscriptions, and reached 75% customer retention.


One of her clients even renewed services with a year-long commitment!

About Acton Circle.

Acton Circle is a boutique graphic design agency that helps nonprofits and foundations increase their impact through meaningful design. Their humanity-centered design approach inspires action towards the causes you care about.


With 12 years of design experience, Acton Circle founder Olivia Wheeler is a seasoned professional in graphic, web, and UI/UX design. After contributing to and leading design teams across the San Francisco Bay Area, she founded Acton Circle as a way of amplifying social good. Olivia's expertise in brand strategy and graphic design empowers Acton Circle to craft compelling visual stories that resonate with supporters.


Want modern graphic design services that shine a light on your mission? Visit today to learn more and speak with Olivia and her team!


Want results like this?

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