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Double your income in weeks, not years.

When you work with me, your focus shifts to your sales and business growth, which creates immediate wins.

You’ll look more closely at your numbers, be more critical of your day-to-day actions, ask better questions of yourself and others, and feel more supported to make the bold moves you know you've been capable of all along.

These wins are expected with any great coaching program.


What I pride myself on are the exponential returns you see on your investment.

The quality of resources you receive, the level of support you get, the value you take away from each call, and the lasting improvements you see in your business from day one—these are what make it even more inevitable that you get great results quickly.

Justine Beauregard Sales Coach
People Over Profit
Mazhar Sales Coaching Client

"With Justine's help, I went from $3,000 to $70,000 per month in 12 weeks."


You’re an expert at what you do. I’m an expert at how you sell it.


Right now, your customers are coming from many places and you have no repeatable plan for success.


All of that is about to change.

When we work together, you'll hit major milestones in your business. I'll also make sure you know exactly how to repeat – and build on – them!


You have my full support, from offer refinement to your sales messaging, process, skill-building, problem solving, nurturing techniques, and beyond.

I’ve helped small business owners close as much as 2,300% more revenue in 90 days.


Once I know what you desire to achieve, I’ll leverage my years of expertise to help you achieve things you never knew were possible.  


Let's get you the clarity you need and the skills to execute quickly.

Meet Olivia

Meet Paul & Dan

Meet Kate


“I'm fully booked up for the first time ever!

I worked with Justine for just over a month and WOW do I feel better about my business! I'm fully booked up for my first month ever!


Justine helped me setup processes for hiring and training to be a breeze, and we carved out straight admin days. I've gone from "can I get everything done?!" to "I CAN get everything done this week!"

I can't say enough good things about Justine and can't wait to work with her again!"


I've learned a lot by helping hundreds of businesses grow.

My sales career began in the early 2000’s when I took a job in fundraising. Quickly, I found ways to make sales enjoyable – and highly effective.

For nearly a decade after that, I worked for corporate start-ups as a full-stack marketer, always finding ways to create my own role that included sales support.

I traveled cross-country, training thousands of people on how to increase sales by 40%+ in as little as a day.

I love helping entrepreneurs and small businesses grow quickly on a tight budget. The problem solving, critical thinking, and mentorship needed to do so have allowed me to help close deals of $1MM+ and scale multiple companies to $300MM.

My sales coaching, training, and mentorship is rooted in proven strategies, which is how I’m able to make complex topics simple to understand and put into action (something I’m known for doing).

My goal is to help you feel clear and show up confidently when you sell. 

My soul loves to see you owning your expertise and getting paid well for it.

Together, we’ll bring your best ideas to life.

Karen Sales Coaching Client

"I feel 100% more confident about my business!

Justine's coaching is a tremendous value. She met me where I am, didn't talk over my head, and made me feel like no question was elementary. I feel 100% more confident about my business!"

Justine Beauregard Sales Expert
Justine Beauregard Logo

My commitment to you.

As a high integrity coach I have a responsibility to deliver you BIG wins.

People pay for your expertise every day. My job is to make it easy for them to get excited to pay you for it.

In a single session or over months of partnership, I will help you confidently share what you do and joyfully sell more of your offer(s).

Everyone who works with me gets results. That's why I know you will, too.

I'm excited to partner with you for massive growth!

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