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Sell in ways you actually enjoy.

You’ve been taught to believe sales feels pushy, spammy, and awkward—but good selling feels natural and comes with far less resistance.

Whether you want to create an offer that practically sells itself, close more sales confidently, or retain customers far longer with less effort, I’m here to help.

Let's get you closing more sales with fewer objections, repeatedly.


We both know that sales isn’t just about a pitch.

Selling is all about how you connect with people before an offer is ever made, help them make decisions during an actual sales conversation, and nurture them to continue to buy or refer to you.


When you meet someone, you want them to know it’s you who can help them, not just anyone or any offer.


And they want to feel understood, seen, appreciated, and excited to choose you.


Selling this way creates trust.

We don’t chase, use gimmicks, or convince people to buy. We connect to those who are already convinced they need what we sell, then we make it easy for them to buy it.


Simple as that.

Corporate sales jargon is “yuck.”

Great selling isn’t scripted—it’s genuine and personal.


“I made all my money through Justine’s idea.

Justine has done a lot for my business. In fact – she has done everything for my business. She helped me come up with a coaching program and a way to find people through a sales funnel. For example - I’m a relationship coach and she told me to host virtual dating events during COVID. I made all my money through that one idea!”


How you feel about selling now is valid.

Aside from working with a customer directly, sales is one of the most intimate activities in a business. This makes the stakes higher, the pressure greater, and the fear of failure feel exponentially more real.

Of course it’s easier to write marketing copy, design graphics, and edit a website before talking directly to a stranger about how you can help them!


The thing is, these activities don’t create cash—selling does.


There are 4 phases of a buyer’s cycle, and sales is the half where a decision is made and money is generated. It’s also the fun part, if you allow it to be!


You’re better at selling than you think.

You just haven’t used these skills in ways that work for you (yet).

You sell all the time. As a teenager, you sold yourself for a retail job. Two weeks ago, you sold your kid on eating broccoli. Last night, you sold your partner on going out for dinner.

You know the basics—after all, sales skills are people skills.

I’m simply going to teach you how to apply them to your business, so you always feel ready and able to create more money and serve your customers well.


You deserve to be the sought-after expert. To be paid well. To attract more of your best customers without having to work so hard. To enjoy how your business grows.


Isn’t it time you closed more sales effortlessly?


“Justine is a real person who gets you real results.

Other coaches have flashy offers that seem really exciting, then you pay and it’s not anything that actually helps. Justine’s stuff is affordable and got me results as soon as I started working with her.”


Here's how we can work together.


“She can pinpoint your needs and point you in the right direction.

Justine’s is so good at knowing who she is working with and what they need. She can pinpoint your needs and point you in the right direction, so you can learn what you need to learn to get the job done.”


Hi, I'm Justine.

I’ve been an entrepreneur all my life, running lemonade stands in my driveway and puppet shows in my backyard for $5 a ticket at just 6 years old.

When I started my first “real” business, I failed miserably.


To me, selling felt like something I had to endure to get to the thing I really wanted to do. So, instead of focusing on sales, I’d wake up scrolling my phone, hoping someone would email me back, comment on one of my posts, or just say hello!


I had 30+ offers, worked 80+ hours a week, and made $0.


Once I found my unique way of selling, everything felt easier. I went from being terrified of telling someone what I did for a living to selling to people at the grocery store, parties, and even from a hospital bed! It felt natural—and it worked!


I’ve dedicated my career to helping others experience selling from this place of ease. I’ve trained thousands of people how to sell and helped hundreds more reach up to 2,300% growth in months without sacrificing their joy or integrity in the process.


I look forward to helping you find your unique style of selling and seeing you thrive.

Be inspired to sell more - and more authentically.

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