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Justine Beauregard Sales Expert

Take the guesswork out of “finding” customers + confidently close more sales.

Let’s get you doing less and bringing in more customers with ease at whatever pace feels good to you.

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If I asked you to sell something today, could you?

People are looking for exactly what you sell right now.

Your unique success formula is how you convert them into customers effortlessly.


By following this set of repeatable steps to close sales, including where you go, what you do there, who you meet, and how you sell, you already know what to expect and how to earn their business!

Justine Beauregard Sales Coach

When you don’t have this, you’ll lose these opportunities and income, along with the joy of having a clear way to grow how you want, as much as you want.


Don’t miss out on sales simply because you don't know how to reach them, what to say when you do, or know the steps needed to gain these customers quickly.

Blythe Sales Coaching Client

“Justine is a real person who gets you real results.

Other coaches have flashy offers that seem really exciting, then you pay and it’s not anything that actually helps. Justine’s stuff is affordable and got me results as soon as I started working with her.”


You’re so close to a win.

I see you marketing, selling, and working hard to grow your business—you’re crushing it!

We just need to refine what you’re doing to what works best for you, so you can minimize your workload while increasing your profits.

Stop doing all the things + start doing the right things.

I’ve trained thousands of people how to sell and helped more than 600 entrepreneurs increase their income by up to 2,300% in feel-good ways. There’s never been a time when my clients couldn’t do less, automate more, or serve their customers better.

Whether you want to DIY these things with support + expert guidance or partner with me to create even bigger wins faster, I'm here for you.

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LC Sales Coaching Client

“She can pinpoint your needs and point you in the right direction.

Justine’s is so good at knowing who she is working with and what they need. She can pinpoint your needs and point you in the right direction, so you can learn what you need to learn to get the job done.”

Justine Beauregard Sales Coaching

Ways we can work together.

Monica Sales Coaching Client
People Over Profit

“I made all my money through Justine’s idea.

Justine has done a lot for my business. In fact – she has done everything for my business. She helped me come up with a coaching program and a way to find people through a sales funnel. For example - I’m a relationship coach and she told me to host virtual dating events during COVID. I made all my money through that one idea!”



Hi, I'm Justine.

I’ve been an entrepreneur all my life, running lemonade stands in my driveway and puppet shows in my backyard for $5 a ticket at just 6 years old.

When I started my first “real” business, I failed miserably.


To me, selling felt like something I had to endure to get to the thing I really wanted to do. So, instead of focusing on sales, I’d wake up scrolling my phone, hoping someone would email me back, comment on one of my posts, or just say hello!


I had 30+ offers, worked 80+ hours a week, and made $0.


Once I found my unique way of selling, everything felt easier. I went from being terrified of telling someone what I did for a living to selling to people at the grocery store, parties, and even from a hospital bed! It felt natural—and it worked!


I’ve dedicated my career to helping others experience selling from this place of ease. I’ve trained thousands of people how to sell and helped hundreds more reach up to 2,300% growth in months without sacrificing their joy or integrity in the process.


I look forward to helping you find your unique style of selling and seeing you thrive.


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