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I make selling so simple + exciting, everyone wants to do it.

Book me as a speaker and get ready to be drawn in—equipped with skills, frameworks, processes, and language to create lasting results.


Most sales trainings are dull and uninspiring.

There’s nothing worse than suffering through a dry sales presentation or feeling energized by what you've learned but unsure how to apply it. 

When you book me to speak, you're signing on for a high-energy event with immediate impact, lasting learning, and wins in real time.


You'll love my conversational tone and fresh take on sales, guaranteed.

Let's get you fired up and selling more today!


Justine's style is described as “engaging, inspiring, informative, and rooted in expertise.”


Hi, I'm Justine Beauregard

I've spoken in dozens of online communities and on stages in front of 10,000+ people. 

It's important to me that each attendee feels like I'm speaking directly to them. This is my secret sauce to getting the concepts I share to stick.

I believe everyone deserves to hear more yes's than no's when selling—and you don't need to grow your team or have a big budget to do it.

In all of my keynotes and workshops, I pair practical techniques with LIVE sales practice so everyone feels prepared and excited for what comes next.

Are you ready to create BIG wins during – and long after – our time together?


Want me to speak at your next event?

Use the form below to invite Justine to deliver your next 5-star training or interactive workshop.

Which talks are you most interested in?

Thanks, I'll be in touch soon!

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